Herself and her image: self-portraits of artists

As part of its constant aim of maintaining a virtual, active and purposeful space, the Mexican Women Artists Museum (MUMA) presents a new exhibition on the female self-portrait, “Herself and her image: self-portraits of artists,” curated by researcher and visual artist Inda Sáenz.

This selection brings together twelve established creators, representing a variety of generations and styles. They all seek to represent themselves explicitly through the face and/or body, although the exhibition also includes pieces in which the body takes on a metaphorical quality when displayed as fragments or absence.

Artists Leonora Carrington, Rina Lazo, Mónica Mayer, Georgina Quintana, Marianela de la Hoz, Mónica Castillo, Claudia Pérez-Pavón, Adriana Raggi, Graciela Iturbide, Lucero González, Claudia Cano and Vida Yovanovich participate under the premise proposed by Inda Sáenz that they remain active as artists and regard self-portraiture as a constant exploration.

Several exhibitions have already been held in Mexico on this topic, but according to Sáenz there has not yet been a broad historical review or theoretical analysis focusing on the female self-portrait. Given that few books address the subject extensively, she has devoted many years of research and creation to this issue, including a series of reproductions and paraphrases of self-portraits by artists from throughout history, compiled under the title “Female Masters, Disciples and Allegories”. This exhibition is actually a continuation of this work by Inda Sáenz, which can be consulted in the Exhibitions section on the MUMA webpage: www.museodemujeres.com

Other new features at MUMA

The Library section features a long essay by Sylvia Navarrete on artist Mónica Castillo, entitled "An Ordinary Face.” It consists of a critical review of the artist’s work, using metaphors, poetic language and her current exploration of digital resources. It also includes texts by Karen Cordero, Magali Lara, Mónica Mayer and Araceli Barbosa.
As regards Special Projects, MUMA reflects cultural activity throughout Mexico, such as that carried out in Tijuana by Colectivo Martes and its continued commitment to social, political and gender issues. The Videos section features work by Luna Maran, Maru de la Garza, Grace Quintanilla, Ana Santos and Lucero González, among others.

The Gallery, a fundamental space in MUMA, continues to expand its artistic collection, which includes biographical information and work by over 50 artists in painting, sculpture, video, performance art, installations and interdisciplinary art.

Lastly, the Forum invites the general public to submit texts, commentaries, criticism and suggestions to expand MUMA’s network of analysis, reflection and debate.

MUMA’s Advisory Council is composed of Lucero González (photographer), Helen Escobedo (visual artist), Karen Cordero (art historian), Magali Lara (painter), Lorena Wolffer (visual artist), Marisa Belausteguigoitia (academic in cultural studies), Mónica Mayer (performance artist), Sylvia Navarrete (art researcher and critic), Josefina Alcázar (researcher) and Angélica Abelleyra (journalist).