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El paraíso

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 20:53 Written by Claudia López Ortega


The same feeling as when I'm in front of the ocean takes over me every time I think of her. She moves with the lightness of the wind. Her hair smells like fruits and her freckles form constellations that mark the meaning of my life. I have observed them since the day she was born; until now they have displaced eleven times. I would´ve liked to feel prepared for what happen to me on the seventh year when Victoria´s freckles moved

El Paraíso is a collaborative work with my 11 year old daughter Victoria. After being diagnosed with cardiac syncope we have had to face death as part of our daily routine. El Paraíso is an abandoned tourist destination that has become an escape for us; the place where the boundaries between the inside and the outside are lost, the mother-daughter limits are questioned, they play and disappear. We create a fiction within our reality and we live in it. It is an essay that allows us to leave a timeless record of our presence in this moment and space through the images.
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