Desire and Fears

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 15:44 Written by Helena Neme

I think it is very important to adress artistic projets from our own experiences. It does not interest me to re-present nobody, what is important is to present oneself, and in this way to produce individual speeches that have an universal echo. What it is autobiographic, which does not always imply the autorepresentation (although in this project it does), it is a very important strategy in the development of my work.

The project is about my pregnancy, which takes place under special circunstances: when I am forty years old and have a female couple. Obviously, it was a very desired pregnancy but when you receive the news many fears come forward. At first there is a great happiness but one does not want to have much hopes, afraid that something bad might happen during the first three months. The second trimester is easier, but in the last trimester uncertainty, fear and indecision appear again. Fear of chilbirth, fear of the child being ill, fear of dying me or the child, uncertainty of being able to breatfeed him/her, indecision about which is better: chilbirth at home or in the hospital, etc. There are many decisions to make and we want the best for our child but the problem is that we do not know what is best. 

This work was part of a trilogy. This part is made with the technique of "painting" with light, the result being always unknown, because the camera captures the path traveled by the light that the eye cannot see. This technique describes very well all the doubts that appears with pregnancy and specially under these circunstances. The contrast of chiaroscuro is perfect for the emotional contrast that one lives during these months. It also evoques the sensulity and sexuality of a body in constant hormone revolution.

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