Reviving the small memory

Monday, 02 June 2014 16:10 Written by Angélica Abelleyra    
Belonging to the Las Pecas dynasty has been a double-edged privilege. a great pleasure and a great burden. Though out of modesty and fear she was a latecomer to the creative world, that which she witnessed from close up in the gallery managed by her mother and aunts Ana María and Montserrat, Yani Pecanins (Mexico, 1957) found her own path by giving new life to small objects that determine the daily flow of human beings. As a result, in her installations, collages and artist books, she weaves, mends, sews, connects, trims and sticks pieces of memory, to reflect on exile, fragility, attachment, strength and loss.

A hoarder like her mother, she was significantly influenced by Alan Glass and Kati Horna. The former taught her to be sensitive towards small things, while the latter led a simple life and showed her how to find the best method for expressing what she wished. Thus, with these artistic and family presences, as well as Christian Boltansky's ideas about using artistic work to discuss the small memory of people and things, Pecanins weaves the world of intimacy, using objects that were formerly something, that inhabited bodies, a house, asylum or hospital, which passed through La Lagunilla and now acquire a new personality in this intimate alphabet that spells out an era, past and a present, terrible and luminous, fragile and strong.
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