Diagrams: expanded functional graphs

Monday, 02 June 2014 14:00 Written by Amor Muñoz

With Diagrams, Amor Muñoz invites viewers to recognize their senses through embroidery and to interact with electronics through drawing. It is multisensory experience: upon entering the room, five large pieces of embroidery with electric diagrams seduce and disconcert the gaze with a universal language that works in two directions: the production process, with electronic symbols for transmitting information, and the interpretation process, when the piece requests the presence of the spectator and transforms the interaction into a phenomenon. When it comes into contact with the embroidery, these electronic symbols become a universal language. Each of the pieces involve the viewer with art, their relationship to it, and how they experience it. In total, Diagrams displays five devices: an electronic organ, whose embroidered keys can be touched; an audio sensor, able to emit sound from the noise that viewers create; a pulse sensor, activated by blood circulation; an breathalyzer, a device that detects the presence of alcohol in a liquid or gas; and 555, a time machine.

Amor Muñoz's work seeks a place in the social environment, to create collective experiences and representations that use art as a platform for thought. The textile and the electronic are representative elements of Diagrams: expanded functional graphs and of the work Maquila region 4, which analyses the social implications of work and the collective imagination of technology, linking the tasks of manual work, such as embroidery and electronics.
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