Architect 2008

Monday, 26 May 2014 21:42 Written by Mariana Dellekamp
A collection is a group of things of the same type, gathered out of pleasure, curiosity or speculation.
ARCHITECT involves the bookcase of an architect who collected art. The books were stuffed with white to lose their identity and particular features, and the bookcase and its contents became a formal object.
Iconographically, the bookcase gave the collector authority to accumulate curiosities.
During the intervention process, images from the books in the bookcase were selected and photocopied.
A year later the paper covering the books was removed.
Two memory-books were created using the collector’s books. The first, which serves as his “memory”, contains a series of fragmented images from the books in the bookcase. The process of putting this book together used William Burrough’s “cut up” technique as a reference, in this case cutting images from photocopies in a random search to create new graphics, to simulate the workings of the “memory”.
The second book was made with the paper in which the books were wrapped for a year. Dust, the line of the ground and the traces of time represent the memory of the earlier installation.

Laura Hernández
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