Some random thoughts on the works of the jungle

Thursday, 24 April 2014 12:45 Written by María Rosa Astorga

These works were designed to help the ecological reserve PACUARE in Costa Rica . I was invited for a reserve of mangroves and leatherback turtles. That's why the work is very figurative , unlike my previous works, which have been characterized by their tendency to be abstract. Following these works I will continue painting the jungle almost photographic works that were inspired in large rivers of the area of Costa Rica . I want through them they can see a few small pockets of scenery almost completely disappear from the planet. Pintar is to paint jungles how are you anything that has to do with the sacred. In this case I want to raise awareness of something that is almost not through their obvious beauty. As my vision moved me deeply water trees such as mirrors and totems that seemed to pulse , that I want them to be seen these works , I want to convey that. Only that long because the birds flock crossing the river , take the crocodiles , monkeys and turtles. I also took the men , I even bothered to think it was one, one that could not stop the destruction of that...
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