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Friday, 04 April 2014 11:49 Written by Fernando Gálvez de Aguinaga

“A polished metal plaque acts as a mirror. It may be a subconscious choice, but I feel that Gina Iturbe chose this material for its reflective quality, as the collection of works that she is presenting is arguably a spiritual self-portrait. Leaning over her own reflection, Iturbe uses an awl to trace the lines of her inner life onto the metal. She finds here an apt metaphor for this process of immersion, scratching deeply into images and symbols representing her intimate visions and her relationship with Nature and the cosmos. Once the signs have been drawn, marked on the plaques, they produce matter and color. At times, her technique is akin to a thematic search, where the expressions perform smoothly and convey the artist’s messages effectively and forcefully. Plant matter gives Gina her place in the world, allowing her to bloom through art…”
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