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Some people count

Monday, 10 March 2014 13:04 Written by Ale De la Puente

but when I count, it does not count!!!

One cannot make something’s essence increase by measuring it.
Is there an ethical or aesthetic distinction between a number and a sum?
Counting could make time tangible: counting (anything)
one by one always takes place in a specific time.
Time is consumed in the action of counting, and if days or events are counted,
a time in time is counted... therefore counting would be a means of relating time.

...counting, counting, counting,
without counting how many times one counts.
Counting all those moments,
every time… another time
and between each one fits another one.


Time counts the silence between each step,
history without verbs or loss of the present.
Everything counts, accompanied or alone
and always does so on its own account.

...and by my count,
I count so as to not count
but when I keep count
still counting on myself
when I recount it, it no longer matters.
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