Material - Body

Friday, 07 February 2014 13:18 Written by Naomi Rincón - Gallardo
In my work, I aim to develop my own garden, a wild fenced-off space in which beauty blooms alongside decomposition, a place in which I can gather all the repertoire of the world in my hands, grope around and make noise. A garden-matter-body, contaminated with humanity.
Art is an ideal location to become a trickster, a magician, a witch, a philosopher, a monk/nun, a madman/woman, a saint, or androgynous.
To do so, it measures itself out and projects desire in multiple directions.
I aim to take pleasure in the disorder of an identity that struggles between sexuality, the everyday surrounding and information, to create a work shaken by the forces of fantasy, peopled with privacy and fiction. One does not reach this place through speculation but through contact with material. By material I am referring to the repertoire of the world - giving it a body.
I rummage through the remains, working with everything within my reach or that I find every day, collecting material and images. I need scrap material, the useless details.
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