Convergence 2015 | Collectivities in TransMigration: Animating Bodies Across Borders

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November 19-22, 2015 – Austin, Texas, USA
Call for Work Group or Workshop Co-Conveners
Deadline: April 1, 2015

Collectivities in TransMigration: Animating Bodies Across Borders
 attends to the myriad points of connection among bodies, ideologies, and spiritualities beyond (and within) national borders. Regardless of the alleged specificity of the politics practiced in the different countries, some social and political scenarios operate beyond the nation-state borders such as anti-black and indigenous genocide, racial terror, criminalization of social movements, and state violence, to name a few. As a consequence, different forms of collectivities have been created, tied by the convergence of their political and affective experiences and by the exchange of strategies of resistance that have TransMigrated through different forms. The prefix “Trans-” in “TransMigration” expands our understanding of what and who can migrate and when, where, and how these migrations occur. Across the Americas, collectivities are animated in, for example, shared racial, gender, and sexual experiences, ideologies, foodways, memories, transtemporalities, and politics, resulting in expanded nationalities that respond to but also resist geographical and physical boundaries. TransMigration form these multifaceted relationships and communities that might exist in a single geographic location, may straddle national and cultural borders, or can also be imagined communities emerging from various networks and communions.

Convergence 2015 is an invitation to animate collectivities throughout the Americas. Animation evokes multiple processes of multimedia creations, animism, corporeal, and transcendent states of being, and geographical mapping. This Hemi GSI Convergence draws together activism, scholarly discourses, and artistic practices in order to animate TransMigration. Guiding this call, we ask: How do collectivities experience transference across borders? How do socio-political scenarios build transnational collectivities? How are the new configurations of socio-political networks questioning the very notion of “collectivities” and offering new forms of connections and communions? How do migrating ideas, experiences, and collectivities disrupt binaries? In what ways are bodies transtemporal? How does a whole collectivity TransMigrate into a single body, and vice versa? How do we animate migrating ancestors? How is our Convergence part of these TransMigratory collectivities?

The Convergence 2015 Organizers invite conference contributors interested in a leadership role to apply to co-convene a workgroup or workshop focused on a specific topic within the broader theme and practices of Collectivities in TransMigration: Animating Bodies Across Borders. While workgroups allow discussion and theorization through sharing academic research, workshops allow discussion and theorization through practical/physical work. Both workgroups and workshops will have the same amount of time to work during the Convergence, and to share their results at the end of it. Furthermore, participants of both the workgroups and the workshops will begin collaborating online in the months prior to the Convergence to explore methods that will collectively produce new strategies for innovating knowledge and practices.

Possible workgroup or workshop themes include:
● Politics of Trance/Spiritualism/Animism
● Digital Collectivities
● Edible Transnationalities
● Music Across Borders
● (Dis)Abled Bodies
● Border Trauma: Immigration/Migration/Emigration
● Indigeneity Across Borders
● Trans(Migrating): Queer Collectives
● Dancing on Borders
● Race-ing Across Borders
● Transnational Panic: Violence and State Crimes
● Ancestral Bodies
● Exploring the Limits of the Body
● Collective Pain
● Transnational Feminisms

Graduate students from across the Americas are encouraged to apply. Selected co-conveners will work together with Austin-based organizers to develop the theme, format, tone, and goals of their workgroups or workshops. In addition to coordinating with professors and workgroups or workshops participants in the months before November 2015, co-conveners will coordinate off-site activities in Austin with the support of Austin-based organizers.

To apply, please:

1. email a copy of your CV and short bio (200 words)
2. indicate your research interests and topics/themes on which you would like to work (250 words)

Additionally, you have the option to:

3. propose a workgroup or workshop with a theme not already included on the list above (500-750 words; optional)

Lastly, please, create one PDF document with all the materials and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Co-Convener Application,” indicating your institutional affiliation, what degree you are pursuing, and what is your fluency* in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

*Please note that fluency in multiple languages is NOT required to be a co-convener.

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If you have questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.