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Friday, 21 July 2017 22:41 Written by María José de la Macorra
Calles (Streets) is essentially a path or series of them. It is a compendium of routes that take shape both from the way a pedestrian moves through city streets and the process of a hand advancing on paper. A choreographic and calligraphic movement, it is the tracing of forms in space. Ephemeral movement creates a route that remains inscribed and turns into a sign. That sign may be a minimal unit or may hopelessly get tangled into immense clusters of “manuscript” forms.
The tracery, the path, the route are space-time phenomena. In this work, they mantain an inexorable flow, much like organic life: in their time dimension they are ephemeral, but they leave an initial track on the paper, the first step to permanence. This beginning triggers a process in which acquisition of corporeality and dissolution alternate infinitely, over and over again.
The original map was already there, but the way that the marker travels over the tracing paper makes something else visible, a previously latent form. That form acquires body and remains fixed in shape poetry or letters in an alphabet that is created and re-created with every movement: an alphabet in perpetual motion
Forja, 2012 | Forged iron hearth | 110 x 250 cm (43.3 x 98 inches) | 16 pieces
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