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Not only flowers ... justice!

Monday, 10 July 2017 15:27 Written by MUMA

In a metaphorical way, the sample seeks to refer to the intertwining of gender and class inequalities: the extreme violence against women as the exposed nerve of gender inequality that exists in our society, and the denunciation of a neoliberal capitalist system that with haughtiness and cynicism, at every second expresses in a forceful way its deep contempt for life.

If in our country the life of women is of secondary importance, the life of poor women is even more despised: the numbers of femicides are full of women maquilas workers, young women employees, students of low resources, etc. For the mexican government their bodies seem disposable, their lives indifferent, and justice never comes... The works that I present here are part of the art project: Not only flowers ... justice!, 2016, it seeks to call for reflection and denounce a reality that hurts. There are the flowers ... a small tribute to the murdered women, a reminder, a "we do not forget and we do not forgive" ... about the justice, will we have to continue trying to build it in the streets, in the house, in the organization...

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