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The Dreamers

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 20:53 Written by Liliana Ang

The Dreamers is a set of 25 paintings and drawings that represent people lying down in different contexts. This group of work was born as an exhibition proposal for the Mexican Senate (2015). In a space of such importance for the country's political life, I wanted to show paintings of people sleeping because I was interested in generating multiple readings on the subject and its relationship to the space where it was exhibited. The bodies of the dreamers are abandoned, absent their surroundings. Various types of dreams are represented: from the disrupted sleep of the exhausted worker (sleeping on the subway or at the hospital between shifts) all the way to the accomplished dream of fame and fortune, and through the sleep of the people who live surrounded by opulence and banality. Traces of violence can be guessed in some paintings and one wonders if the dreamer represented will awake again. This is just innuendo: to me, the real interest of this project lies in the multiple interpretations of the spectators who confront this eclectic group of dreamers.
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