Rumor: Postcard Project about the Inapprehensible

Monday, 28 September 2015 10:13 Written by Cynthia Grandini

The postcards are organized in three groups: the invisible (absence, lack, phantom, void, darkness, silence, emptiness) the ephemeral (brevity, faintness, dissolve, dissolution, fugacity), the bordering (margin, limit, border, edge). The words we see on them were written on fragile surfaces like sand, flour, dirt, vapor; two copies of each postcard were made, one was sent by post from Madrid to distinct cities such as: Barcelona, Mexico City, Guadalajara,

Lima, New York, Perth, Santiago de Chile, and Tijuana – and while they were in route to their different destiny’s, the other set was being exhibited in Madrid. It’s about words that are sent from person to person offering the possibility of a significant pause, which cross borders and allows for intimacy. I believe, that if we can achieve stopping  at them, this will provoke that the way of looking will be the conductor to think that the edge from which we appear is something limitless and vast. The temporary, the contingent, the space between objects, the silence, the emptiness and rumor are called together to tell a part of the story (from all of the stories); it is told recognizing, that fragility and absence are fundamental to understand the world, and the same can be said for the impossibility - or difficult at least- for the solid and permanent. If art has something to say concerning these themes, if things can still be said to someone, we would have to try and do it amidst the noise we are exposed to.
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