The dichotomy inside/outside

Monday, 23 February 2015 20:28 Written by Claudia Algara

With this series of work, Mely Barragán shows in Tijuana after returning from a residency in China. She comes from the young generation of artist that transformed the city ́s art scene durring 2000-2010,the best known names in the national map of contemporary art. It looks like the work of an artist who has displayed "her way", in this case through transfers, reflections, multiplications, human physical ideals that float or contain glitter or rest, measured, stretched, tested. Men and women whose bodies and positions are immersed in a series of investments in which gender -even if they appear challenging issues such as women's rights, etc.- feminism no longer occupies the central theme, but appears in some parts as fact, one with a real presence more complex and beyond extreme positions. Today any idea of ​​gender can be up or down, front or back, near or far, be good or bad, true or not, in or out, as the series title suggests, written in English, as is natural for an artist of this border region.

The evolving theme in the art production of the first decade of the career of Mely Barragán has been her fascination with the image of women and of what is feminine. She began by engaging her first aesthetic goals of portraying women in gender based situations. For example, she explored the women's role in history; their contemporary life and personal, sexual and social relations like marriage and family traditions. She started to play with the idea of twisting the gender role by using the male figure as a decorative object just like the female figure has been used and abused. Barragán uses drawings, objects and words to convert thoughts into ideas.

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