Los ojos detrás de los ojos

Friday, 06 June 2014 14:34 Written by Melissa Valenzuela

My work consists of self-portraits and recollections that address various nuances of perception, representation and memory. I use photographs to describe my bodily universe and memory, insisting constantly on the impact of my gaze, on the visual constructions I produce. I create stories that bring together exhibition and fiction, perception and deception, memory and omission, action and inaction.

I use texts to connect with images and construct discourses that act as written images.

The series The Eyes behind the Eyes consists of a reflection on the gaze of the photographer, the subject of representation and the spectator. It questions the way images are taken from the real world to become a representation of that space-time-subject, and the interpretation viewers can give it. It consists of self-portraits accompanied by fragments of theoretical discourses in which the object is directly in front of the lens, behind it pointing at the camera, and in front of the photograph interpreting itself.

There is an interplay of positions in which the camera fixes the identities and ways of appropriating the image. The camera acts as a mirror of all the subjects involved in the photograph.

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