Energy field

Monday, 02 June 2014 18:10 Written by Susana Sierra    
This project is a product of "Filaments", the exhibition held at the Indianilla Cultural center in 2009-2010 in Mexico City. By “Energy field” I am referring to the energy that underlies everything and in this case, more specifically, mental formations.

Existential doubt is the origin of my inner search, and my intuition and creativity emerge through introspection, when my mind falls silent.

I consider that my artistic proposal, within the field of abstraction, responds to my sense of interiority, insofar as this language does not contain any visual references to reality. Through this work I intend to depict the resonance between it and my feelings, and therefore the title of the project corresponds to the sphere of energy that underlies all shape, which I relate more to intuition than reason.

In the Western world, scientific hypotheses are emerging that suggest the same theory, such as the String Theory by physicist-mathematician Brian Greene, who declares that the "basic, fundamental, indivisible matter that composes the universe” consists of threads vibrating with energy.

I have developed an interdisciplinary proposal that brings together philosophy, science and spirituality. I am currently a member of the National System of Artistic Creators 2011-2014, which has enabled me to carry out this project.
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