Liliana Duering

Monday, 26 May 2014 22:04 Written by Raquel Tibol

Liliana Duering avoids abstract conventionalisms, giving a new sense to Nature and humanity and placing her gaze in the urban sphere.

Her figurative work is dominated by a rigorous stylization that favors zenithal over horizontal perspective and strives to maintain an intimate tone.
In her paintings, she depicts inside and outside urban settings with controlled gestures, avoiding brusque attitudes that might alter the meditative, graceful atmosphere.
This intimacy enhances her representation of the substance of the characters, objects and convulsions of Nature. Duering establishes a harmonious relationship with persons, things, the environment and architecture.
Working in various directions, tempering force with softness, she explores unusual, probably occult meanings, giving visibility to the appearances as she includes them and establishes psychological identification.
Her tendency to formalize does not accept the in prontum, but instead balances compositions carefully to avoid being overwhelmed by the superficial content.
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