Bow River: Blue River

Monday, 26 May 2014 21:36 Written by María José de la Macorra
These pieces belong to a project called The 20 Pearls, on which I have worked since 2007, and which refers to my connection with certain spaces in my imagination. Here, each space represents a pearl, for example a lake, a river, a glacier, a forest and Mexico City as a lake city, to eventually form a necklace of 20 places.
First Pearl: Bow River: Río azul To explore this space, I have first used photography, video and graphics, and subsequently sculpture. Despite memory and the senses being mental phenomena, the work resulting from this process is a new physical entity.
In the project The 20 Pearls, the experience of contemplating a lake or river inspired a series of works using mixed media. The example here is the structure of a winding river, in which currents flow into one, weaving together like the bark of a Mexican bald cypress. This extended structure of silkscreen prints can be viewed as part of the pearl Bow River. The works composing this pearl include four acrylic boxes containing woven cigarette paper necklaces: blue, silver, pearl and black rivers. The glimmer of each ball conveys the endless natural sparkling of the river. These works serve as divisions or reflections produced by the intimate structure of the being represented. Indeed, the visible structure is in the plait, the invisible one - through the physical qualities of the water and the transitory nature of the journey – is in the accumulated particle; which in this case are balls. Thus, almost all of the pieces are composed through the accumulation of particles or atoms.
The colors of each river are linked to the photographic series whose names refer to their color range: black river, blue river and green river. This is not a coincidence, as there is a network of relations between the works, between those composing each pearl and the pearls themselves. Therefore each piece is made of particles, each work is a particle of another work, in this case a pearl or project, which is itself a particle of a subsequent level: The 20 Pearls. There is an interplay of reflections between each of them, in which one refers to another.
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