Sculptural Environments

Monday, 21 April 2014 12:53 Written by Mariana Peraza
My bodily emotions and memories of pleasure and pain are mingled in a dialogue of the deaf, creating feelings of anxiety and solitude. Interpreting them allows me to reconcile and strike a balance between my identity and survival in an outside world. I understand it as a mass of solitudes and emotions contained without contact.
Through my imaginative interpretation, this reconciliation becomes sculptural environments, tangible reflections in an outside space in which volumes with empty interiors depict a feeling rather than a state. Solitude hides under its bark or skin, which becomes the means of contact, interaction and communication between them.
The work is created based on earlier premises, and modifies spaces by intervening with timid white volumes in ceramics, grouping them together to give them strength.
The pieces in each work have a curved interplay of rest and movement that makes them fit together. This contact produces a basic language similar to the first bodily messages a mother gives us when she touches us. This sensorial language makes itself conscious, vital and tangible, satiating the feeling of solitude.
Each piece creates a visual and tactile language, through the subtle qualities of its volume and a perfectly defined perimeter. The white surfaces complement the volumes, giving great importance to form, and not competing but integrating themselves discreetly to reaffirm the sensations of softness, delicacy and smoothness as visual elements. They awaken in the viewer tactile needs through which they communicate with the piece.
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