Friday, 28 March 2014 16:20 Written by  Excerpt from text entitled, Los signos poéticos de lo cotidiano, by Fernando Gálvez, for the Universes exhibition by Mariana Gullco 2012.
”The poetics Gullco Mariana develops in these works derives from these universes provoked and suggested by the race against the clock and the transformation they leave in their wake. New continents emerge on a napkin, geographies of an accident caused when coffee is spilt in the middle of breakfast or a conversation with a friend at your favorite café. When the liquid is absorbed by the paper, within a few seconds it creates a map of new territory, but the object is usually thrown away and friends say goodbye and carry on with their everyday lives. What the artist tries to do is to recover these spots, these incidental blemishes derived  from the decomposition of a fruit, and to show how even the most seemingly trivial things reflect the great phenomena of existence; the flow of time itself is located in those citrus peels flecked with the blemishes of deterioration. But at the same time, Mariana Gullco takes the opportunity to point out the poetics underlying these allegedly irrelevant phenomena: there is an abstract aesthetics open to a variety of interpretations in these patches.”
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