In my early days, the vertical loom enabled me to use a variety of textures that eventually became high relief. Basketry gave me the tools to weave three-dimensional sculptures.

As a weaver, I have explored various techniques that have led me to investigate and experiment with a wide variety of materials ranging from natural fibers, plastic, lace and hoses to metal and paper, breaking away from the traditional concepts of textile art.

My installations and sculptures made from recycled materials, whether natural or found objects, are internal reflections which, like words strung together narrate my daily exercise of observation, metaphors of the human condition.

Re-using and recycling is a healing process reflecting growing ecological awareness and our relationship with the planet and its well-being. In this work, a sampler of silk curtains that had been thrown out served as the basis for the installation.

INSIDE OUT-OUTSIDE IN is an installation embroidered with metallic thread with a variable dimension of 5 ms. Each piece measures approximately 22 cmsX10cms with a total of 46 pieces. INSIDE OUT-OUTSIDE IN was created at a time of healing, a daily meditation which, like a mantra in the wind, involves a spiritual, emotional and physical catharsis.

In this installation, transparency and light are important features of the work. Installed 15 inches from the wall, the shadow reflected on the wall enhances the work, giving it a new dimension and depth.
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