Rainy Season

Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:13 Written by Liliana Gálvez Heras
This series has already undergone several transformations during its evolution. It is a work that arose from an interest in climate change and the effects already present in our everyday life.

It is a car trip that shows a particular vision of urban landscapes, in which paint is mixed, separated and recombined to form and distort what we normally see through the windscreen, making the viewer a part of this swirl.

Without wishing to fit painting into a particular category, the naturalism shown in the work takes us on a journey through totally organic figures that tend to both conceal and reveal.
Distortion and transformation are the main goal, occasionally creating a group of abstracts, instability and radical change in a climate that leads one to create metaphores with radical changes in humanity, and position ourselves as a society in a literally blurry state.

Without being realism, naturalism, impressionism or abstract art, it is an invitation to look and do so carefully, discovering shapes and non-shapes for an interaction, a dialogue and a plastic proposal, but mostly an image that startles you, without seeking a copy of the world or an explanation of climate change. Without wishing to repeat myself, the aim is to plunge the viewer into a visual change and not only that but also to draw him into my own world.
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