Sacred Time

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:21 Written by Emma Cecilia García Krinsky

... Her works are centered around performances in spaces with a pronounced ritual quality, such as the Monarch butterfly sanctuary , pre-Hispanic ceremonial centers and the Tree of the Sad Night. These places transport us back to our historical past. Fogarty invites her collaborators to create their own rituals. The characters appear naked, only carrying the symbols involved in the ritual, which fulfills a need for spiritual liberation. Suffering and death are linked to symbols such as flowers, hummingbirds, snails and fire, revealing the need to purify a chaotic world that has gradually lost its vital essence.

The amphitheater leads us to the tunnel of death, an underworld in which nameless souls seek eternal rest. The body, trimmed and sewn up countess times, is no longer a human but merely an object of research. In the midst of painful shadows, woman, the creator of life, uses fire to purify the space.

In these images, Oweena Fogarty explores the essence of an eminent mixed-race people whose roots are constantly rising to the surface. Her work is a reflection on the loss of collective memory. Through a new language, in which each element of the image must be decoded, we become familiar with the different signs and symbols that contribute to the deep originality of her photography.
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