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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:15 Written by Josefina Alcázar

Andrea Ferreyra (Montevideo, Uruguay 1970) is a visual artist who has worked with traditional media such as painting and sculpture, as well as installation, objects and subsequently performance. She appreciates the freedom associated with multidisciplinary art, in the choice of materials and resolutions, but also its risks. Though she still experiments with possibilities in that regard, she has demonstrated a preference for performance, the discipline in which she has been most productive.

Between 1994 and 1996 she created her more political pieces, feeling considerable dissatisfaction with many issues. When she wrote her thesis on performance, she researched various aspects of action art, such as its ritual quality, social commitment, the use of different media and irony. This reflection enabled her to reconsider her method, and she increasingly used the characteristics of the space and its meanings as a starting point, in a variety of contexts.

Several different quests can be observed in her work. One of these is her interest in disrupting the space of language, in particular written, as in the work Incontinence Phase, produced at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1999. It consists of a reproduction of graffiti from inside rest rooms, on a large piece on transparent plastic displayed in a public area. On the doors of the rest rooms she attached texts analyzing the social and moral dimensions of this kind of graffiti.
She has also examined the iconic status of a female boxer. which involved training as a boxer at a professional gymnasium. Ferreyra decided to adapt the character to various contexts. She also explored the importance of myths in reconstructing events. This research resulted in a series of actions involving the character of Chuchita the boxer. She called the last of the series, which took place in San Juana in Puerto Rico, Knock-out, to mark the death of the character.

Andrea Ferreyra studied Fine Art between 1990 and 1994 at the National Art School at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and her final research project was concerned with performance. In 1999, she organized a cycle of round tables at the El Puerto de Veracruz restaurant , and documented the event in the book Action-Art. She also wrote the 6th grade textbook Visual Art I, published in 2006.

If Andrea had to define her creative process in a word, in would be quest.

Source: Documentary series by Performance Women in Action, Josefina Alcázar (compiler), 2006.
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