Inner Landscapes

Monday, 10 March 2014 12:44 Written by Deborah Dorotinsky

These unmade beds, on which we rest our weight, our tired bodies, travel with us along roads and become almost solid on the stone and fluid under the water, like the longing of Alfonsina.

These photographs transport us to the intimate space of questions and doubts. There is no anxiety, only lethargy and light.

The sheets still retain the smell of night, beside the pillow on which memories and chimeras lay.

Against this wide landscape, Paola Dávila guides us through a Nature that has become a soul, colorful, expectant and privy to fresh secrets. Who needs Jacob’s ladder to reach Heaven, if here on Earth the waves break against our daydreams? Even in the grey reflection of the asphalt, water lulls one to sleep and slowly flows beneath the sky.

As in another of her photographic series, these images allow Paola to represent the passage of time and the act of waiting with a liquid, diaphanous smoothness . A constant interplay of light and shadows, they invite us to experience unspoken dreams that emerge between the pillow and the fresh, soft grass.

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