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Performance and Relational Art

Friday, 07 March 2014 10:36 Written by Rosa Hernández

This year, Claudia Cano decided to use a new approach in her photographs, shifting from a passive attitude behind the camera to an active condition in front of it. Her experience in university theater facilitated her transition to Performance and Relational Art.

Her main objective is to analyze and personify Mexican immigrant women living and working in the United States. Rosa Hernández "The Chacha" (The Cleaning Lady) became her alter ego. Through this character, Cano gained access to situations that she would not otherwise. Rosa cleaned houses, cooked, took care of a dog, swept sidewalks and dusted a gallery before its inauguration. By pretending to be a maid, Cano not only represents an unrepresented work force but also invites the audience to participate and engages a dialogue questioning the act of being served by others.

Through this collection of three self-portraits, each of which is taken during a performance in San Diego, Cano seeks to show the isolation of an immigrant worker.
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