The child bride

Friday, 07 February 2014 13:08 Written by Ana Quiroz
“Of love one can say everything yet not know what to say.” Jean Baudrillard

Love, seduction and the liberation of desire and sex have radically changed the behavior and morals of societies in the last two centuries.

The child bride” is a staging that appears to narrate log books, passages from life reconstructed using metals and women’s clothing intervened with countless figures, keys or letters. It produces a strange feeling, both intimate and foreign, heart-breaking and meticulous. A constant female vision that studies in depth the sense of duty felt by women. Without seeking any answers, Ornella Ridone questions the love of couples, the institution of marriage and the repetition of human behavior.

Each picture is like a diagram, a kind of trousseau tuned into the world of illusions and disillusions. The color white, though old and rusted, is the inescapable affirmation of the virgin who is no longer a virgin, whether a child, semi-child or sometimes an adult.

The objects assembled constantly evoke the body, combining in the background a cold metal with the exquisite geometrical order of the clothes. Through the stitched stripes of the patterns, the lines appear to organize the elements and construct beauty. Sewn with great patience, it features biographical images of the artist, and small illustrations belonging to the collective media memory of contemporary women. Blood flows, mixed with rust, providing a ritualistic feel.

The result is fragile, melancholic and painful: the subtle seams, stamens and threads that weave symbols like stories, wax and the calligraphy trembling before the experience of existence.
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